The USBR's Damage Control Department has sent Regional Manager Lorri Lee to patch things up with the Coulee Dam Police Department. Read the story here. Also, Mayor Quincy Snow - a proponent for the USBR's money and a supporter of having a contract with the USBR gets soundly beat in local Mayoral election. Read that story here.
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  Grand Coulee Police Department can no longer operate in the town of Coulee Dam. Coulee Dam Police Chief Collins has used his authority to deny access to the Grand Coulee Police Department - even when the Grand Coulee Police Department is providing law enforcement services to the USBR in Grand Coulee. This move by CDPD Chief Collins is no doubt in retaliation for their contract not being renewed by the USBR in Grand Coulee. Grand Coulee Police Chief Melvin Hunt states that this descision by CDPD Police Chief Collins "may be putting their mutual aid agreement in question". Do you think Chief? Read the story here.
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Local Cowboy Cops (Coulee Dam Police De

partment) don't get their contract renewed with USBR.

coulee_dam_cops Chief Collins said that he wasn't notified of the Bureau’s decision not to renew its contract with Coulee Dam and had to call them to find out. Oh really. Well the USBR has a habit of doing that to people. Officers Carrol and Franqui weren't called by the Bureau either when they were cleared in the planted red backpack incident. In fact, the union rep told officer Franqui days later. Yep, no one from management had the integrity to call either officer Carrol or Franqui to let them know they weren't being charged.

Apologies to Matt Groening

 Captain Clarke, Power Manager Jenson and Deputy Power Manager Corbin couldn't make the call to let the officers' know they were cleared? But management sure was quick to disarm them, deny them training, restrict their access to the GCPO, place them at the punishment post and restrict their email. Poor Losers is what they are. In fact to this day, neither Carrol or Franqui have received any statement from the Bureau stating that they were cleared.

 Anyway, Officer Carrol was fired (and they are trying to pass it off as he quit), and Officer Franqui was placed on Admin leave, seemed like he was fired,, wait a minute he was kind of told that, and then wow....he's back on admin leave. Ah.... indecisions, indecisions. Anyway read about the USBR's dilemma here.

Read the CDPD Incident Investigation Report!

Federal and County Prosecutors Decline to Charge Officers' Franqui and Carroll!

"It wasn't because the evidence wasn't there, it's because the prosecutors didn't have the time to charge you." (As told to Officer Franqui during recent "Admin" hearing on 5/28/2013.)
USBR Investigator Brian Cornell (Lead Investigator SNAFU Division)

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely" Lord John Acton

Officers framed by backpack planted in Officer's vehicle

Official Coulee Dam Police Incident Report on Missing Red Backpack

Lead Theft involving SRF members

Missing Items from SRF

SRF Corruption and Cover-up

Coulee Dam Police Dept. Malicious Investigation and Harassment

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The Rocks and The Backpack

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Whistleblowing at Grand Coulee Dam - USBR, gets Officer framed for theft

USBR Officer Harry Franqui and son EJ

  This whistleblower web site has but one purpose - and that purpose is to expose corruption and criminal activity among certain members of the USBR Security Force, and the Coulee Dam Police Department. The purpose of this web site is not to malign or characterize all members of the USBR Security Force ( SRF ) and the Coulee Dam Police Department as corrupt or lacking integrity. There are many officers among the SRF and the Coulee Dam police department whom we believe to be of a higher caliber than those of which this whistle blowing web site confronts.
Many members of the SRF and Coulee Dam Police Department are professional and honest - unfortunately not all. Officer Franqui, Officer Carroll and a few others have put this website together so that you can know the truth of what is really going on in Grand Coulee Dam, WA.

  The information on this site tackles the thieves, liars and corrupted individuals and their questionable acts. If you are an officer and you belong to the SRF or the Coulee Dam police department and you are offended by this web site then perhaps you are also part of the problem.

  The officers and other individuals responsible for putting this web site up make no apologies. Those who commit crimes against other officers and against the taxpayers and then involve themselves with covering matters up should apologize - and leave their jobs.

  We appreciate the help of those officers and other individuals who have come forward to help put this information together.

  "Good employers purge bullies. Bad ones promote them." Source:Gary and Ruth Namie; The Bully at Work: What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job.

"They dug a pit in my way but they have fallen into it themselves". Psalm 57:6

"Franqui is from Puerto Rico .....he must be guilty".
Grand Coulee Mayor and USBR Finance Officer
Chris Christopherson

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